How to implement password reset in CakePHP

Hello everyone, I am working on forgotten password ‘recovery system’ in CakePHP 3.7. I have searched online and seen similar discussions, but none seems to actually answer my question well enough.

Here I am using DefaultPasswordHasher to hash the passwords. The password reset process works effectively. But when I try logging in with the new password, it does not work. I believe this is due to the inconsistency in the hash result of the PASSWORD_BCRYPT hashing algorithm used in DefaultPasswordHasher.

I have tried the following in my login method:

         `$user = $this->Auth->identify();
                if (is_array($user) && array_key_exists('refid', $user))
                    if ($isAjax) {
                        return $response->withStringBody(__('Login Successful!'));
                    if ($request->getQuery('redirect')) {
                        $redirect = urldecode($request->getQuery('redirect'));

                        return $this->redirect($redirect);

                    // Otherwise the default login redirect will be used
                    return $this->redirect($this->Auth->redirectUrl());
                $this->Flash->error(__('Username or password is incorrect'));`

But the Auth::identify() doesn’t seem to be having problem identifying it due to hash mismatch.
I have also tried the following as alternative to Auth::identify()

`private function __identifyUser($userid, $password)
    $result = $this->Users->find('all', [
        'OR' => ['username' => $userid, 'email' => $userid, 'refid' => $userid]
    if ($result->count() > 0) {
        $result = $result->toArray();
    } else {
        return false;
    $user = $result[0];
    if ((new DefaultPasswordHasher)->check($password, $user->password)) {
        return $user;
    return false;

This also, does returns false.

Please, what should I do? What am I not doing right? Have you done similar thing, how did you do it?
Please help me… Thank you all.

Alright everyone. Problem solved! I was able to solve the problem myself. What happened was: it was errornous to try to hash the password myself. By default, CakePHP hashes all password fields. So simply parsing in the plain text to the Table::patchEntity() method, it will hash the password internally. So my problem is solved. Thank you.