How to get list of all controllers and models

Hi there,

Does anybody know a simple way of how to get a list of all controllers and models in CakePHP version 3.7?

I hope someone can help.


ls src/Controllers?

Do you mean programmatically from within your application? I don’t think there is anything built-in to do that. You could get the list of tables from the database schema, but that’s not necessarily going to be a 1-to-1 match for your list of controllers and/or models. When I’ve needed to do similar things, I end up just iterating over the files matching a glob pattern in the particular folder.

Yes, I mean programmatically. I have done that before using earlier versions of Cakephp. I have been looking around and it looks like I am going to have to use the Cake’s built-in Folder and File classes to do the job. I will write a function to do that. Might share the code for others to use if they need it as well.

Thanks for the input.


I am using CakePHP version 3.7.
I have now wrote some simple code to get the list of all controllers. I am sharing it in case someone else finds it useful etc. See:

In src\Controller, open AppController.php and include the following:

use \Cake\Filesystem\Folder;
use \Cake\Filesystem\File;

The two simple functions I wrote to do the job:

public function getControllers()
$folder = new Folder(ROOT);
$controllerFiles = $folder->cd(‘src’.DS.‘Controller’);
$controllerFiles = $folder->find(’.*.php’, true);

	$skipControllers = ['AppController.php'];
	$cleanControllers = [];
	foreach ($controllerFiles as $key => $controller) {
		if (!in_array($controller, $skipControllers)) {
			$cleanControllers[] = str_replace('Controller.php','',$controller);
			//Could build a menu based on the controller here now, but do not
			//have time to do this now.
	return $cleanControllers;

public function setControllers ()
	$this->set('all_controllers', $this->getControllers());

You can then call: $this->setControllers(); in the beforeRender function of your AppController to make the controllers array available in the view / template etc.

I hope someone finds this useful.

Might want to find .*Controller.php, in case you have any non-controller files in there? I know, there shouldn’t really be, but maybe something like a trait that only controllers could ever use? Or a declaration of an interface that some of your controllers conform to? Perhaps would apply more to finding all the models than all the controllers.

Check this stackoverflow post as well for controllers and actions: