How to create user's activity log

Hi guys. How to track users activity log? do you have some tutorials or article readings to recommend. thank you

Not sure if still relevant for you, but…

I came up with a solution by myself with a very easy logic. I created an ActivityHelper and ActivityComponent with a single function to push new activities to the database.

This is my table

- user_id (INT)
- activity (TEXT)
- cta (TEXT)
- parameters (TEXT)
- created (DATETIME)

In the activity field i put the action i created (through my helper) and in the cta field I added the link to the processed activity (as serialized array) and in parameters additional parameters (also serialized array).

Example: I created a new user. After the $this->Users->save() function in Users/add I call the ActivityComponent and put in the data. The same thing is possible to create a new Activity in templates with the Helper.

Now I am implementing the activity log into my bake templates, so I don’t have to add them manually.

Maybe I’ll create a new plugin for the new cake version…