How to code asscoiation between one table and mutlible others?


This is my first attempt with CakePHP ever and my first development since long time ago so please bear with me :slight_smile:

My solution to a probelm is as follow:

I have a table/model called Contents that has the following fields:

id (PK)

This table contain some contents that is associated with the records in different models/tables. The ‘reference_id’ contains the id of the record in other tables, just like a foreign key. However it is not associated with a speciifc table but based on the value of ‘model’ I will know where should I look for the record.

Is this a good approach for CakePHP framework or should I have separte Contents table for each model that needs it? If it is good how should I code the association?



What you are looking for is something called “Polymorphic Associations”. Take a look at Containing Polymorphic Associations for some ideas.