How to check CakePHP is outdated and do I need to update new version immediately or wait for a while?

Dear Team,

Is there any way to check my current version of CakePHP outdated or not?

Also, do I need to update as soon as new version released or do I need wait some days after released to update it?

Would appreciate it.

Thank you,

No doubt I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong :wink: but CakePHP is not something that you simply update, like a patch.

You can’t merely apply overwrites to selected files, but safest is to bake a new app, and copy in your code (from src, templates, webroot etc) and winmerge settings from config. You may need to update any plugins you’re using and merge / overwrite where required.

For major updates there are scripts that try to automate a lot of this, but no promises they will do all the work. As I started with CakePHP 4.0 I can’t tell you the level of pain this could entail - but from a lot of reading of these forums, there will be some.

Therefore you may wish to keep track of the versioning numbers you’re using so you know if anything new is required for you.