How to add a grid of data to form

I have a form that currently has a couple of inputs. I need to add a grid of data either below or to the right of those.
I can find no examples on the correct way to do this. I can force it in outside of the php in the ctp file, but that doesn’t seem right. This project uses CakePhp 2 and bootstrap 2.3.2.
If added below:

If added to right:

I am new to php & CakePhp, any hints would be greatly appreciated!

I believe CSS is what you need. put the form and the table in seperate div… add style=“float:left”; to the form then style=“float:right”; to the table. You may want to use bootstrap for faster design. Check grid : , here is sample usage :

Cake 3.x uses foundation

I would love to use the grid system, but I don’t think that was introduced until Bootstrap 3.