How I can overwrite Router::url() in my app

I need to overwrite Router::url() function for decoding params,
So how I can overwrite this function in my app?

We use CakePHP version 2.10.12

Why do you need to do that? Is there something that declaring custom routes won’t solve for you?

Yes, I want to encode all parameters in url before show up

Are you just looking to encode the parameters (IDs, etc.), or the controller and action too?

No only the parameters (IDs, etc.)

Perhaps you can deal with them in AppController::beforeFilter, changing $this->request->params?

Yes I already did this for decoding the params,
but I want to show up the IDs as decoded in URL to prevent any one know it or change it.

Thnaks Zuluru =)

I’m confused now. Maybe examples would make it clearer.