How get mysql columns comments from sql table [Cake 4+]

how is it possible to create an array containing the mysql column name and the respective sql comment of this column?

Cake 4+

On your table class you have a getSchema() method. That will give you and array to get at the details you want.

Thanks for the tip, I can’t get any further with getSchema()… But I found a solution:

    //get column- names and comments in array from table
	public function getColumnNamesAndColumnCommentsAsArrayFromTable($myTableName) {

		//Costum SQL Statement
		$connection = ConnectionManager::get('default');

		$results = $connection
		->where('TABLE_NAME ="'.$myTableName.'"')

		//build new array
        $newArray = [];
		foreach ($results AS $key => $value) {

			//if no comment exist continue
			if ($value['column_comment']=='') {
			$newArray[$value['column_name']] = $value['column_comment'];
		return $newArray;

       $columnNamesAndColumnComments = getColumnNamesAndColumnCommentsAsArrayFromTable($myTableName);