How can implement single sign on usign cakephp

How can i implement single sign on using cakephp?
Any one can help me.

Please explane your problem may be i can help you

I have created two application using cakephp. example like and

If user login with then they can authenticate some features of without login.

I do not know exactly how to do that but you can do that by having one databases for these two webs
and create a login token when some user logs in and use that token between these webs

Hello, I need to do the same, I have 3 applications with the cakedc users plugin and running in aws eb, could you find the solution?.

aws cognito?

Store session in db (mysql, redis,…) and use / share between your apps

thanks a lot, the problem is that each application has a separate database with its users, should create a unique login (cognito), show the applications allowed by their role and bring me their sessions of the database ?. Any example of how to do it?