Having problem with PayPal integration cakephp 2.7.11

i am using this Plugin https://github.com/robmcvey/cakephp-paypal
define properly in config> BootStrap.php
now i have a controller

<?php App::uses('Paypal', 'Paypal.Lib'); class PaymentsController extends AppController { public function subscription($Package_id=0){ $this->Paypal = new Paypal(array( 'sandboxMode' => true, 'nvpUsername' => 'usmanalimaan-facilitator_api1.outlook.com', 'nvpPassword' => 'PZNSBZNGH22W9YAZ', 'nvpSignature' => 'AIZ2ub9n5c6TJms-OCsrWqerMov5Aeql8MN80RIeS04JFO4miyVKrOAM' )); }

But when i run it i found this error
Fatal Error
Error: Class ‘Paypal’ not found
File: /home/maan/public_html/one/app/Controller/PaymentsController.php
Line: 1346

Notice: If you want to customize this error message, create app/View/Errors/fatal_error.ctp