Global "settings" from database?

Does cakephp have a built-in means of storing “settings” for an app that a user can easily change?

For example: setting up a contact email or phone number that appears in a footer and elsewhere in a site that a non-developer can easily update. Or some other global configuration options …

…data that can be queried at any time on any page (regardless of model or controller… or even if it’s just a display page with no controller at all). I’d prefer to avoid having to load a settings model in every single controller… and even that doesn’t help me for non-controller based pages. Maybe it could be queried in app_controller…

Or would it be better performance-wise to store this in one of the cache files?

Any other ideas?

No it does not. That’s more a feature that you would find in a CMS(Content Management System). You could use CakePHP to build a CMS, but it isn’t a CMS itself.

You might to look at using View Cells for your editable regions. That would let you co-locate the queries and the template logic and ensure that only the queries that are necessary to render the current page are done.