Get all associated entity-attributes by patchEntity in CakePHP 3

Hello@all and sorry for my bad english. (This Text is sponsored by Google Translator ^^)
I have the following problem.
I have 2 tables:
articles (id, title, body, article_type_id, created, modified)
article_types (id, name).
(In the article_types table are already entered data)
I also have an ArticlesController, an ArticlesTable and a create.ctp

If I spend the data, it looks like this:

As you can see in $article, is in the attribute “article_type” only the id of the entity available.
Now I wanted to ask if it is possible, that the name of “article_type” is automatically assigned by patchEntity of the ArticleTypes?

Instead of '' use input name 'article_type_id'.