FriendsOfCake/CakePdf display the page number

I’ve installed FriendsOfCake/CakePdf and tried it with the engines dompdf/dompdf and tecnickcom/tcpdf.
I’ve successfully tried both the options “1: Render as PDF” and " 2: Create PDF", to see how they work.
Now I’d like to have the page number displayed on the footer, but I don’t understand at all how this can be achieved.
Does anybody have hints for me, please?

I don’t have ready to use solution, but I think you should try with this:

Thanks jarekgol
I was actually able to render the page numbers with DomPDF either with $pdf->page_text inside a
<script type="text/php>"
element, or with a DOM element having as css rule

:after { content: counter(page); }

One of the various references and examples that can be found online is for instance