Form template - wrap buttons

I would like to wrap the buttons in the DIV element, how to do it?

  • Button type submit
  • Button button - js function class

I don’t want to attribute around $this->Form->control div to the code, but I’d like to call it one function so that it wraps itself.


echo $this->Form->allControls($fields_buttons, ['legend' => false]);

Thank you

See Form - 4.x

yes I know, but it only wraps one element, how to make it wrap more elements at once?

Since the ->allControls() function doesn’t have its own template because it basically just calls ->controls() on the given/model fields you would have to make your own / extend the FormHelper and overwrite that function.

See Helpers - 4.x how to do that.

Solution is:

       echo $this->Form->button('Send');
       echo $this->Form->button('Back');

    echo $this->Html->div('buttons', $this->fetch('buttons'));