Forgot Password not redirecting

Hellow Goodevening im trying to add a forgot password feature and whenever i press it it won’t redirect. Here is my code. I would appreciate any tips and help in solving my problem. Thank you!

What do you press? Do you submit the form? Do you click a link?

Why have you made a link to forgot_password when your function and route are both forgotPassword?

hellow thank you for giving time to check my post. yes i have click a link ‘forgot password?’ to my forgot_password php file. yet it won’t redirect to the form i made in the forgot_password.

hellow good day thank you for giving time to notice my post. are you perhaps referring to the public funtion forgotPassword? or the action inside the function resetPassword? i have updated my user controller code action to forgot_password. still it won’t redirect. but i’ll try what you’ve suggested right now. thank you

update. . .
i have changed those resetPassword & forgotPassword to reset_password & forgot_password both in routes & userscontroller. still it won’t redirect when pressing the link in the login

Update . . .
it would redirect but i need to login before displaying the forgot password. i’ve been trying to make it display even if users aren’t logged in by configuring the authentication yet my codes must’ve been wrong.

Edited (Solved) The redirecting