FOC Search Plugin Installation - Basic Question

I’m migrating an app from 1.7 to 3.9 and I’ve got most things up and running just fine. The more difficult aspects I’m turning to vendors like FOC’s Search to implement but I’m missing some of the basics that are more a translation from 1.7 to 3.9 than the plugin.

I’ve followed the instructions from FOC’s Search:

I ran this to get the right version for 3.9 and it installed correctly into my Vendors folder
php composer.phar require friendsofcake/search “5.3.2”

I ran this to get the plugin added to my application.php file
bin/cake plugin load Search

I then uploaded the application.php and vendor folder via FTP (yes I know I need to break that habit and move to git but one thing at a time).

When I try to run this I get:
Search.SearchBehavior could not be found.

Make sure your plugin Search is in the /home/xxxxxx/ directory and was loaded.

I’m sure that its something simple that I’m missing to get it to look in the Vendors folder as all of those are in there properly? Or am I supposed to copy those over to the Plugins folder?

When you say “uploaded the vendor folder”, do you mean the new friendsofcake folder in it, or the entirety of the vendor folder?

The whole thing (including the friends of cake subfolder), is that bad?

No, it’s fine. There’s autoloading stuff under vendor/composer that is updated whenever you make any changes with composer, and those changes need to be uploaded too. If you did everything, then those should have been included, and the problem would be elsewhere.

That was it, thank you. I had uploaded vendor/composer previously and didn’t know it needed to be uploaded again after each time you use composer.

But you said you uploaded the whole vendor folder, and vendor/composer is part of that. Glad you got the fix you needed, but you can make it easier on both yourself and the people trying to help by being precise in what you say in your questions and your responses.