Error load xml data from ip-adress

I want to print out de data from a xml that’s on a static ip-adress.
Here you can see the xml (it’s an example):

and my code =

<?php $xml=simplexml_load_file("") or die("Error: Cannot create object"); print_r($xml); ?>

Can anyone tel me why it isn’t working? I can see the xml when I type the url in the adress bar, but I can’t print it out by in php script and use the data.

Is there maybe another script that can read out xml data that’s on a static ip-adress??

Hope somebody can help me out. I googled and tried for so long…

I used to parse external xml with simplexml, but somehow I find out about cakephp Client, and i use it like this:

use Cake\Utility\Xml;
use Cake\Network\Http\Client;

$link = “
$http = new Client();
$response = $http->get($link);
$xml = $response->xml;

I used your script, but get a [HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error 67ms]