Does Properties in comment block matter?

Dear all,

I have problem saving and retrieving some associated models, I check the table and entity class, not missing anything comparing with baked version, but it still does not work

The only things that are different from my Table and Entity class with baked version are properties in comment block.
Do they have any effect to my classes?

The commented properties block looks like below:

 * User Entity
 * @property int $id
 * @property string $username
 * @property string $name
 * @property bool $is_staff
 * @property string $password
 * @property int|null $user_group_id
 * @property bool $is_deleted
 * @property bool $is_active
 * @property \Cake\I18n\FrozenTime $created
 * @property \Cake\I18n\FrozenTime $modified
 * @property \App\Model\Entity\UserGroup $user_group
 * @property \App\Model\Entity\Picker[] $pickers
 * @property \App\Model\Entity\Role[] $roles

Comments have no effect whatsoever on the code that runs. These are there for IDEs to know about them and help with autocomplete and the like.


You can update/keep it on sync with cakephp-ide-helper

Check if you have asociated properties are available on accesible list. What code is not working ?

Well, some update table fields code do not work, but I have a workaround already, bake the models and entities, then copy my code to those.

I have tried to compare the baked code and my code manually, but found no difference. Haha.
Anyway, it does not matter anymore. Thanks for yours helps, profs.