deprecationWarning function not working?

Hii there,

My project wants to deprecate an method but, of course, we want to inform the devs about it.
For this, we’ve called the deprecationWarning() function in the app, opened the app, checked the DebugKit… and nothing?

Is there something I’m doing wrong or is it broken?


deprecationWarning checks for E_USER_DEPRECATED flag

Hii there,

We had set our errorLevel to E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_USER_DEPRECATED a while ago because CakePHP threw the deprecation errors in the main app itself as well (instead of only in the debug bar).
Do you know of a way to circumvent this?

nope sorry, currently im using GraphQL and i can just set any field as deprecated but i dont know would i do it in normal way, probably just throw exception with deprecated message with code 410 (GONE) or with hint to other method 301 (MOVED PERMANENTLY)