Deprecations do not display in Debug_kit when using ajax or using redirects

Just seeking some clarification around what i’m observing with cakePHP 3.8. (Not a complaint!)
Under the normal cakephp workflow (Controller->Model->View) you can use the debug_kit toolbar to display any deprecations in your code. However, if your controller has an ajax method or you redirect to another page or do anything other than ‘normal’ these deprecations no longer show up and the deprecations count in the toolbar displays as zero. Is this is by design ?

Does the DebugKit History tab show the intermediate calls? If so, you an click on them to roll the debug data back to that historical point and possibly see you deprecations.

Thank you very much dreamingmind ! - what a fantastic tip about debug_kit. I tried the history and deprecations panels and they worked perfectly. I’m somewhat humbled.
I hope others pick up on this and see what a great tool debug_kit is.

I stumbled on it a week ago. There are some videos in the debug kit docs. I was amazed as you are!