Datasource with ssh-tunel

I need to connect one-another datasource, but access open just by ssh-tunnel. Can I configure datasource with connection by ssh-tunnel, and if it possible, how can I do it?
Thank you.

This isn’t really a task PHP should do.
Instead open the SSH tunnel in your server like

ssh -fNg -L 3307: <remote-user>@<remote-ip>

3307 => new local port which can be used in CakePHP to connect to => localhost
3306 => remote port where MySQL listens to on the remote server
<remote-user> and <remote-ip> should be self explenatory

and then just use that local 3307 port instead of the default 3306 port to connect to the remote database (in the config/app_local.php)

If you don’t want to manually open the SSH tunnel everytime e.g. the machine restart you can look at