I need a controller for my dashboard to have access to other controllers like PostsController.
i want the admin to be able to add, delete and do any action on any controller. how can i do this?

Sounds like you want a /admin url where you can access posts? One way to achieve that is through prefix routing.


You will want to secure it in your beforeFilter in some way.

thank you xaphalanx.
i did prefix routing and i have one more question. i added admin prefix on UsersController, now can i get access to other controllers like PostsController and CommentsController through this /admin . I mean can i add or remove a post or a Comment or it just works for users. i want to have a dashboard to have full control on all the dynamic content. when a new post or comment is coming, i want it to be confirmed by admin then publish on my web application and limit the time a post is on my website. how can i have this full access and control?

You’re writing the code. You decide how you want it.

I’d have one set of controllers in /admin that’s just for “full control” and another more restricted set of controllers for my users.