Custom Finder Methods error in cakephp 3

I have a Custom Finder Method in the model and trying to call it in the controller it is not found.

follows the code in the model VehiclesTable.php:

 public function listarVeiculosDisponiveis(Query $query, array $options)
        return $query->where(['empresa_id' => 1]);

in the file OrcamentosController.php I have the following method:

public function add()
    $orcamento = $this->Orcamentos->newEntity();
    if ($this->request->is('post')) {
        $orcamento = $this->Orcamentos->patchEntity($orcamento, $this->request->data);
        $orcamento['empresa_id'] = $this->Auth->user('empresa_id');
        $orcamento['user_id'] = $this->Auth->user('id');

        if ($this->Orcamentos->save($orcamento)) {
            $this->Flash->success(__('O orçamento foi salvo com sucesso.'));

            return $this->redirect(['action' => 'index']);
        } else {
            $this->Flash->error(__('Erro ao salvar orçamento, tente novamente.'));

    $clientes = $this->Orcamentos->Clientes->find('list', [ 'conditions' => ['empresa_id' => $this->Auth->user('empresa_id'), 'excluido' => 0], 'fields' => ['id', 'nome'] ]);

    $veiculos = TableRegistry::get('Veiculos');
    $veiculos_disponiveis = $veiculos->find('listarVeiculosDisponiveis');

    $users = $this->Orcamentos->Users->find('list', ['limit' => 200]);
    $this->set(compact('orcamento', 'clientes', 'users', 'veiculos_disponiveis'));
    $this->set('_serialize', ['orcamento']);

when running I get the following error: Unknown finder method “listarVeiculosDisponiveis”

Where can I be wrong? I did as you say in the documentation

Make sure the proper model is loaded, otherwise Cake will default to auto tables and not find your method at all.

Also looks like your model name doesn’t follow expected convention. Example:

Model method:

public function findSomething(Query $query, array $options)



You shoudl rename your method to findListarVeiculosDisponiveis. All custom finder method name should start with find.