Create an log adapter

Hello everybody,

I try to create an log adapter to log Soap request passed to url with built in function.

I have follow the cakephp 3.x documentation and they don’t usable. already same error even if i change name
Fatal error: Cannot declare class App\Log\Engine\SoapClientLog, because the name is already in use in C:\wamp64\www\WsusOnLinux\plugins\SoapClient\src\Log\Engine\SoapClientLog.php on line 22



namespace App\Log\Engine;
use Cake\Log\Engine\BaseLog;

class SoapClientLog extends BaseLog
public function __construct($options = [])
// …

public function log($level, $message, array $context = [])


My app_Local.php

Log::config(‘otherFile’, [
‘className’ => ‘SoapClient.SoapClient’,
‘path’ => LOGS,
‘model’ => ‘LogEntry’,
//‘levels’ => [‘WDSL’],
// ‘file’ => ‘WsdlRequest.log’ ,