Contain problem, foreign key two database in the project

Hello, I have two databases in a project in cakephp, web1 and web2. I have a problem connecting to the web1 database and I am in a relationship between tables that tells me that it does not find that table in the web2 database.


Database 1, web1 name and the tables:
Table documents:
id | image_id | title | text
Table images:
id | image | kind
Database 2, web2 name and the tables:
Table files:
id | id_files | title | text
Table images2:
id | image | kind

public function Documento(){
    $conn = ConnectionManager::get('web1');
    $info = TableRegistry::get('web1.documentos',['connection'=>$conn])->find('all')
    return $info;

Problem with contain is not web2.images, but I’m connecting to the database web1.

Any help you could use, thank you very much