Command not working?

Hii there,

I;m trying to build a plugin that allows the use of a Command using Cake\Console\Command class.

For this, I have created a file in src/Command called TranslateCommand.php, containing the following content:

  namespace FinlayDaG33k\Translate\Command;

  use Cake\Console\Arguments;
  use Cake\Console\Command;
  use Cake\Console\ConsoleIo;

  class TranslateCommand extends Command {
    public function execute(Arguments $args, ConsoleIo $io) {
      $io->out('Translate command ran');

I’ve also added the following line in my src/Application.php (of the main app):


But when I run cake --help it’s not in the list nor when I call cake translate, I get a “command not found” error (from the cake cli).
My question hereby is, how do I call the console commands created by a plugin?