Choosing acl package


i’m trying to choose an acl module and am tossing the coin between cakephp/acl or markstory/acl_extras.

i do realize that the cakephp/acl is a plugin and the markstory/acl_extras is a console app. therefore, the plugin would be used for in-app acl manipulation, where the console app would be used for development acl maniplulation.
Q: is this correct?

the composer.json file of cakephp/acl specifies cakephp ^3.1.0 where markstory/acl_extras does not specify a cakephp version.
Q: is markstory/acl_extras designed for cake 2, or 3, or both (it appears to be cakephp 2.x)?

also, it appears that the cakephp/acl plugin includes the markstory/acl_extras console app.
Q: is this correct?

i’ve been browsing the code of both (bit hard to compare) and cannot determine if there are significant functional differences between the two.
Q: are there any? or many? or is the cakephp/acl plugin simply a more extensive cakephp 3.x version of the code?

so, i’m looking for any comments, recommendations, factors_i_am_not_recognizing on which to choose?

thanx, McS

one more option tinyauth: