Check application rules without saving

Hey dear community,

I wanted to check application rules for a generated entity, but before saving it, because I wanted to check a bunch of entities, and if all is ready to save, then I will trigger the saving progress, otherwise I want to output the errors to the user.

I do not found a way until now to check application rules from an entity, only to check the validation rule via Entity->errors().

Please help me.

Doesn’t help me, btw. I already know this page. maybe you write something more than a link, if you want to help, then help, otherwise forget it…

At the moment i do it via transactions, so that I can undo the saves.

I suggest you use transactions. This way you can check each save, if one fails, everything gets rolled back. When everything succeeds all saves are committed.

Patchentity maybe or otherwise in beforesave ?