Change 'You are not authorized to access that location.' message

First, I am new to CakePHP as I have just joined a company that has had this previously installed. I am a developer with PHP experience but cannot find where this message (‘You are not authorized to access that location.’) is in any of the code. I searched this forum and a couple of posts mentioned that the message is in UsersController.php but it is not in my case.
The previous developer told me not to touch or upgrade anything on the server as things would break so at the moment I am reluctant to do that.
Please let me know how I can find the version of CakePHP and what I would need to do to change messages such as ‘You are not authorized to access that location.’

**** UPDATE - looks like the version is 2.7.3 according to a version.txt file in ‘/cake/Vendor/cakephp/cakephp/lib/Cake’**


Hi Alex! Happy to have you here and to see that you have found what you are lookinig for.

First of all I wanted to inform you, that your used CakePHP Version 2.7.3 has been released in August 2015 so this is quite the old software you are running.

Also CakePHP 2.x is EOL since June 2021 so if this app of yours is publicly availabe, used for any user related data or mission critical functionality I would definitely recommend you look into rebuilding your app with the current latest CakePHP 4.4.5

Yes, this means you will most likely have to rebuild everything because there is no “easy upgrade path” from 2.x to 4.x or even 2.x to 3.x but just so you know.