Can't access admin of site

I have older CakePHP version 1.3.7 version on website and for some reason can no longer access the admin of my site. I try to update password and it just links me back into the password request.
I am small non profit and know my site is older, but the web developer is no longer living in US and I need to add important information to my site. The support guy of my server says it looks like the reset link is looking for a file that doesn’t exist. He tried editing the database directly with a new password but that did not work either.
Can this be fixed or do I need extensive overhaul. I am just a program director of project and have no website experience except to add information to my existing site.

Thanks so much for any thoughts, help, ideas.

If you do not have a password reminder / reset in your application than the only option is to update the password in the database. As there is a good change the password is hashed you should use the cake console ti create a new password.

Thank you rrd

I will give it a try. I am a total neophyte in all this and hope that I can follow the instructions.

I appreciate the quick response.