Can I make a view stay inside a bootstrap modal?

Hello everyone, good night

I was thinking and trying to put a login view in a modal of bootstrap 3, on my learning blog, i tried using $this->extend and view blocks, but unfortunately it does not work for some reason… if you have any ideas that could help me, i’d appreciate it.

I will show the code I tried using view blocks, below.

<!--app/View/Users/login.ctp !-->


$this->start('something'); ?>
  <h1>Appeared now!!</h1>
<?php $this->end(); ?>


<!--app/View/Posts/index.ctp !-->


echo $this->fetch('something'); ?>

<h1>Bem vindo!</h1>
<h3>Clique em algum dos campos acima.</h2>

OBS: the bootstrap layout is in behavior beforeFilter

Load as a server fetched partial.

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