Can any one suggest a better way to embed HTML tags into Flash Messages?

I’ve been doing this:

     $this->Flash->success(__('Shipment <strong>{0}</strong> {1} updated', $shipment->shipper, $updatedCount), ['escape' => false]);

I just realized that this defeats the point of __() which should be for translateable strings: e.g __(“Your Translateable Text Here”)

Can anyone suggest a better solution?

I would do

$textTemplate = __('Shipment {0} {1} updated');
$boldShipperText = '<strong>' . $shipment->shipper . '</strong>'
$finalText = sprintf($textTemplate, $boldShipperText, $updatedCount);

You can do like

$this->Flash->success(__('Shipment {0} {1} updated', '<strong>' . $shipment->shipper . '</strong>', $updatedCount));