CakePHP5 + Google Auth possible? Got a guide?

Hello gang. I’m migrating an existing homemade app into a CakePHP-based application. I got the first basic CRUD functionality done, but now I want to add in our google authentication.
With google login’s ubiquity across the internet, frankly, I’m baffled at the lack of documentation or even stackexchange help in integrating Google login with a CakePHP app.
Has anyone done this? All the guides I find are for ancient versions of CakePHP.

GitHub - CakeDC/users: Users Plugin for CakePHP has several social auth providers preconfigured.

There is also GitHub - ADmad/cakephp-social-auth: A CakePHP plugin which allows you to authenticate using social providers like Facebook/Google/Twitter. but it doesn’t have a cake5 release yet.

The CakePHP Auth Plugins are just a base on which you can build your own Auth System on.