Cakephp + wamp (php5.6.x)+ visual studio 2015 issue

Hello I’m trying to setup cakephp within visual studio with phptools for VS and i’ve got php 5.6 that came with wamp. But when i build the project, VS use php 5 that comes with the IIS installer, any idea on how to solve this?
here is the error message :

Fatal error occurred
Message: You PHP version must be equal or higher than 5.5.9 to use CakePHP.


Though I do development in PHP and C#, I’ve never tried to used VS for PHP development.

As a suggestion, try using the Web Platform installer to install a version of PHP that is supported by CakePHP. The same version was the wamp set up, preferably.

there version of php that I’ve found with ms service was 5.4 and not any higher version… do you have any suggestion?

Via the Web Platform Installer available from my local IIS instance, I can see several versions of PHP available.

  • PHP 5.3.28
  • PHP 5.4.45
  • PHP 5.5.34
  • PHP 5.6.20
  • PHP 5.6.20 for IIS Express
  • PHP 7.0.6 (x64)
  • PHP 7.0.6 (x86)
  • PHP 7.0.6 (x64) for IIS Express
  • PHP 7.0.6 (x86) for IIS Express

If you search for PHP in the Products section, you’ll even see an installer for CakePHP (from 22/05/2014)!

You can grab the Web Platform Install from here []