Cakephp date validation not returning value in patchEntity

I’m creating a program with materialize and using the data format dd/mm/ yyyy and for that, i change the validate in table model to -> data (‘data_val’, [‘dmy’]) as seen below, but when i save, for tests, the patchEntity method doesn’t return an error, but leaves the data_val field in ge_lote as null, as you can see in imagem below

the object result from patchEntity object

validator for data_val

        ->date('data_val', ['dmy'])
        ->requirePresence('data_val', 'create')

My date field in template

            echo '<div class="input-field">';
            echo '<i class="material-icons prefix">date_range</i>';
            echo $this->Form->text('data_val', array("id" =>"data", "class" => "datepicker"));
            echo '<label for="data">';echo $this->Form->label("data", "Data de validade");echo '</label>';
            echo '</div>';

the view with datepicker view

What type does the column have in your database?

if your type in db is OK (@zuluru post), then
check what you get in request, check or change date parsing - In my case datepicker display one format and pass another in post to server. ‘unlink’ for test datepicker from this field and pass there different entered manual formats and check what will happens.
By the way, did you try native HTML5 date?