CakePHP Ajax Plugin | CakePHP Ajax Plugin configuration

Hey Gentleman!! can anyone tell me how to use ajax in cakephp. actually i am following this plugin but i can’t get anything straightforwardly GitHub - dereuromark/cakephp-ajax: AJAX for CakePHP: A plugin to ease handling AJAX requests. :- so anyone who give me some demo code or demonstrate it?

how can I set pagination in ajax and how to show response and flash message without reloading page & redirecting response in ajax? i already read CakePHP Ajax Plugin again and again but still thinking how and where I set it!! I think this plugin prefect for ajax but documentation is poor… please me developer i am some newbie

Hi @daryl … You can learn how to use this plugin through this youtube video… I just suddenly found this video on youtube channel @dojustcoding. I hope it will help you

hi @shaan007 thanks for reply, yes i watched this video and really its very amazing and very helpful video. Now I cleared everything & known how you use this plugin… thanks again @shaan007

@daryl welcome my friend