Cakephp 4.x Option list from query custom

Hi! I need some help.
I must generate a option select like this
<select name="data[Emissfattura][datasel]" onchange="javascript: document.DataFatt.submit();" id="EmissfatturaDatasel">
<option value="">(Seleziona una data)</option>
<option value="15-12-2021">15-12-2021</option>
<option value="31-08-2021">31-08-2021</option>
<option value="30-06-2021">30-06-2021</option>
In my controller I try

$this->set('results', $this->Fatturazionidate->find('list', ['keyField' => 'data','valueField' => 'data','order'=>' desc' ])->all()->distinct('data'));

but the same key and value in the array don’t work.

Inside my template
echo $this->Form->select('datasel',['options' => $results,'onchange'=>'javascript: document.DataFatt.submit();','empty' => '(Seleziona una data)','label'=>'Data']);

I try also a custom query

$connection = ConnectionManager::get('default');
$results = $connection->execute('SELECT distinct data, data FROM fatturazionidateorder by data desc')->fetchAll('assoc');
but the output is not how I want it:
[0] => Array
[data] => 2021-12-15
[1] => Array ( [data] => 2021-08-31 ) .....

Thank you if someone helps me

I’ve solved so preformatted the options array

foreach ($results as $value) {
$date = new Date($value['data']);

It really seems like your original find('list') solution should work. Can you try it without the distinct clause and see if that fixes it? Depending on your data set, that may or may not be a viable long-term solution, I’m just wondering if that’s the source of the issue.