Cakephp 4: Field altered from date to datetime, value comes back as invalid in debug

Hello, everyone. I altered a column in a table from date to datetime in order to use the field in a behavior. I closed all open sessions, cleared my ORM cache using cake cache clear_all, made sure that the tmp/cache/models directory was empty, relaunched my app, and attempted to use my behavior again. Three fields should be updated based on the arguments passed:

deleted_record (tinyint)
deleted_user_id (int(11))
deleted (datetime)

Debug shows that deleted_record and deleted_user_id are being set properly in the behavior, but deleted comes back with “The provided value is invalid.” The value shown is 2020-10-27 11:04:45 (the time I used the behavior). This behavior is working everywhere else in my app, and the only difference between this table and the others is that I had to alter the deleted field’s data type. Is there somewhere else I should look in the guts of my app to update the schema? It looks like it still thinks that deleted is still a field of type date.

This sounds like it might be more of a validation issue than a database problem?

facepalm Now how did THAT sneak in there?

Thanks. This has been driving me crazy. Sometimes the bake script is too helpful!