CakePhp 4.0.1 - bake do not know anymore --prefix option

Hi everyone,

testing CakePhp 4.0.1, I 'm facing errors using bake (cake bake all -f --prefix test countries) : bake stop and throw “Error: Unknown option prefix.”

Did someone encountered the same problem ?


seems like its on TODO list

Thx !!! I will wait to go on with my tests…

Wanted to use --prefix in 4.x, got error and found this message. Thought used the --prefix in 3.x, but not sure anymore (guess it did because it’s in the book, but doesn’t show in ‘cake bake --help’)

If so, label ‘enhancement’ is ok?

What’s the easiest workaround (now just make new project, but don’t like switching between projects. Moving the new project in a dir under original project will give routing issues which the prefix took care of?)