CakePHP 3.x where is Lib place?

Hi All,
I’ve started to study 3.x version. I use 2.x version few years and keep some buisness logick in my classes in Lib folder.
Where is Lib folder in 3.x version, where I have to keep my classes in Cake way?
Thank you.

I would worry about “cake way” as long as it’s modern php way. I have my own helpers folder and a Service Folder with special classes for certain things. The key is make sure anything is properly namespaced.

I built my own cakephp plugin - “Commons” and package that up as a composer library on an internal git server.
I can then use the plugin in other projects by adding it as a dependency in composer.json

jimgwhit > Could you show me example? (Folder place and NameSpace)

A Helper folder for example:


namespace App\Helpers;

use Cake\Network\Session;
// other use statements as needed

class SomeClass
//  rest of class

Cake provides the App namespace per default:

// composer.json
"psr-4": {
            "App\\": "src/"

So if you want to use that and add an Lib directory to src

// src/Lib/MyClass.php

namespace App\Lib;

class MyClass { ...

Use your class somewhere else:

use App\Lib\MyClass;

But you can add your own namespace and location in composer.json.

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