CakePHP 3 UUID Primary Key, binary(36) instead of char(36)

I’m working on an application which uses UUIDs as primary keys. The MySQL data type for the keys is BINARY(36), which CakePHP 2.X supports.

CakePHP 3.X supports UUID keys, however the data type is CHAR(36). Thus, migrating to 3.X would require a pretty extensive DB migration, and introduce what my research and testing indicate to be a pretty substantial performance hit.

My coworker wrote a plugin that works for reads, but it doesn’t address writes or schema migrations, which I really want to use. I’ve attempted to make this work by adding a custom type and extending some of the core files, but it feels really fragile and hackey.

Does anyone know if there are plans to reintroduce BINARY(36) (or even BINARY(16)) for UUIDs?