CakePHP 3 Custom Route in Pagination

in my routes file i define a route for my controller method

$routes->connect('/category/:cat', ['controller' => 'Categories', 'action' => 'category']);
My controller method is this

public function category(){
        $this->paginate = [
                            'limit' => 2
        $cat = $this->request->params['cat'];
        $id = $this->Categories->findBySlug($cat)->select(['id'])->hydrate(false)->toArray();
        $cid = $id[0]['id'];

        $category = $this->ProductCategories
                    ->select(['id', 'category_id'])
                    ->where(["category_id" => $cid])
                    ->contain(['Products' => function($q){
                                return $q->select(['id', 'sku', 'product', 'description', 'slug', 'price', 'off', 'stock', 'product_category_id'])
                                         ->where(['status' => 1])
                                         ->contain(['ProductImages' => function($q){
                                                return $q->select(['product_id','url']);

        $categories = $this->paginate($category);

        $this->set('_serialize', ['categories']);

And my url look like this:

Now when i click on cake pagination url change to this

But actual url i want is like this

And also i need to pass some extra parameter with pagination url like color, occasion etc. Please help me to get this. I did not find any solution.