CakePHP 3.6+ Http Client with X.509 "client certificate"

Hello there :heart_eyes:

To be able to use an institutional REST web-service, I need to auth :key: with a X.509 client certificate.
I was planning to use Cake/Http/Client class to make my requests but I am not sure it is possible to pass a client certificate (certificate, private key :closed_lock_with_key: and passphrase if needed).

I found ways to do that using Guzzle ( or curl ( but I would have preferred to use the Cake native Http Client.

Do you know if that is possible ?

Thanks :wink:

Find out in the API

Options keys are ssl_local_cert and ssl_passphrase but not currently in the docs.
I will try that and make a PR to add it to the doc :wink: