CakePHP 3.4.0-beta2 Released!

CakePHP 3.4.0-beta2 now available! This is a beta release for 3.4, and contains bugfixes found by the community.

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Would this have to be a completely new install or just a composer update from the 3.3 series? And does 3.3 series documentation apply to this?

@jimgwhit, simple composer update, and follow the migration guide (

I don’t understand what is meant by:
The following is a list of methods that are deprecated and replaced with getX and setX methods:
And CakeDatabaseConnection is mentioned under deprecated.
does that mean that

use Cake\Datasource\ConnectionManager;   //is no good


$connection = ConnectionManager::get('default');
$result = $connection->execute('SELECT COUNT(dogid) as total FROM dogs WHERE adopted = 0')->fetchAll('assoc');

would be no good?

Where is information on getX and setX methods?