CakePHP 2: Not writing session data to database

Is there any reason why a CakePHP 2 project won’t write session data to the database (MySQL)?

As per instructions here I’ve created a cake_sessions table in the DB using:

CREATE TABLE 'cake_sessions' (
  'data' TEXT,
  'expires' INT(11) DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY ('id')

I’ve also modified core.php to reflect the following:

Configure::write( 'Session', [
    'defaults'       => 'database',
    // Modify Session Timeout
    'timeout'        => 1440,
    'cookieTimeout'  => 1440,
    'checkAgent'     => false,
    'autoRegenerate' => true,
] );

However, attempting to load pages produces session errors (failed to read session data) and no data is written to the DB.

I’ve carried out similar steps in CakePHP 3 projects and it works out of the box.

Any help here will be greatly appreciated.

RESOLVED. My version of Cake was 2.8 and upgrading to 2.10.1 fixed the issue. My best guess is DB Sessions wasn’t fully implemented in 2.8?

Your configuration needs to indicate “database” sessions. I didn’t see that in what you posted.

Sorry - posted wrong code! Issue resolved anyways by upgrading to 2.10.x.