Cakephp 2 need to generate OCI ERROR when it occurs

I am using CakePhp 2.5, and need to generate an Oracle database OCI Error at an insert using saveAll.

I will capture the number of the ORA error and report to the app admin via email.

I try to include a non-existent collumn, to generate an ORA-somenumber error, but it did not trigger an OCI Error.

I need to check the database availability, to report the oci error when it occurs.

How can i generate an OCI Error ?

My code is :

$this->MyModel->saveAll($data_to_save, array('validate' => 'first', 'deep' => true))
$ociError =  oci_error();

Is there some other way using cakephp 2 to generate an oracle error ?

I am using a webservice and need to debug the application using SoapUi.