CakeFest2017 NYC Schedule has been released!

CakeFest2017 NYC Schedule has been released! Its going to be a great conference this year - Get your tickets today!

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Is there a detailed description of what the Workshop contents will be yet posted anywhere?

Hi Eliel,

There isnt currently however, the morning sessions are more basic introductions to CakePHP 3 done by Jorge - you can see examples of what the sessions were last year (He works on best practices/what people are looking for when they start out with CakePHP 3/introductions to plugins/building simple apps etc), and the afternoons are more advanced work of CakePHP 3 done by Jose - here are examples from last year, Jose works with what the audience is keen to learn as well as cool and advanced features that would be useful.

You also have opportunity to ask questions and be involved with the workshops - they are more informal and workshop orientated.

hope this helps! (and hope to see you there! :))

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