CakeDC User Plugin in 2 prefix routing areas

Today I have been working with the CakeDC User Plugin to find out
if it is the right solution for my project.

The application should consist of 3 areas: Admin + Customers + for each.
About prefix routing I have been able to separate the controllers for admin + customers + for each.

Now I want to separate the user plugin also individually for admin + customer.
My idea: When a request is received for one of the two prefixes, the appropriate configuration for the
the CakeDC user plugin is loaded, where the customizations for another user table is configured.

My first question: That should work, right?

Now the 2nd requirement. An admin who is logged in to the admin prefix area
should also be able to edit customer users.

My 2nd question: Is this also possible?

Is it possible to use the methods of the “UsersController” plugin while doing this.
By working / switch to on the right user table for customers? How could I do this?

I am thankful for helpful tips.


Better topic “CakeDC User Plugin with 2 prefix routing areas” - but I can not change it now. And I talking about Cake 4.2 with the newest version of the CakeDC User Plugin - Thanks.