Cake PHP 1.2.1 unknown error

Hello I’ve old website that is currently working i’m hosting that website in new server after setup the project i got some javascript error i’m not able to identify the error can anyone please help me if someone know about this error.

Javascript->link(array(‘jquery.validate’), false); script = "(function(){$(’$formID’).validate();});"; $this->Javascript->codeBlock($script, array(‘inline’ => false)); } function map_token($loc, $lastmod = false, $priority = 0.8, $changefreq = ‘daily’) { $this->helpers = array(‘Time’); if (!$lastmod) $lastmod = date(‘y-m-d’); $lastmod = $this->Time->toAtom($lastmod); $out = << $loc $lastmod $priority $changefreq TOKEN; return $out; } /** * cut the long texts to not exceed than a specific chars count * @param string $string * @param int $limit * @param string $etc * @return */ function strLimit($string, $limit=255, $etc=’…’) { if (strlen($string) < $limit) return $string; return substr($string, 0, max(array(strripos(substr($string, 0, $limit), ’ '), strripos(substr($string, 0, $limit), “\n”)))) . $etc; } } ?> charset(); ?>

It’s hard to read since the code has been “uglified”.
please use backticks (`) and format the code as to make it readable, thanks in advance.