Cake and reCaptcha

Hallo, I’m using Cake 4.4.10 and want to implement a login recaptcha.
What do you suggest to implement?
Regards Klaus

hello @Klaus you can try following package

@spadeX its not about a generic Captcha but Google ReCaptcha

@Klaus ReCaptcha can be used with any HTML Form and is not required to be deeply integrated into CakePHP. See e.g. Google reCAPTCHA Integration in PHP - GeeksforGeeks

But you could use GitHub - cakephp-fr/recaptcha: Integrate a Google No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA in CakePHP 3 applications which has a CakePHP 4 compatible version but there isn’t really that much CakePHP specific code you would need to implement ReCaptcha in your forms.